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Acoustic Tapestry: Press

Saturday Acoustic Tapestry brings John Wichman and Sean McFeely with their guitar duo and original compositions. Their instrumental creations blend soft rock, folk and a multitude of guitar harmonies ... you will truly have an incredible evening of beautiful sound ... they are a dynamic duo with dynamite songs and we LOVE to hear them! If you haven't heard this duo, you simply must stop by ... they are awesome ... and their acoustic guitars CD's are two of our favorites. I guarantee you will love them, so don't miss this!

Robert Burns - Genoa Coffee and Wine
You won't believe how intoxicating this music is! I put it on just to check it out, know, to see if I should give it my attention. Right away it just sucked me in. The music enveloped my being. Awesome, soothing, uplifting, incredible...that about sums it up. Check it out. Wow!
Liz Hand

A gentle , relaxing excursion into melody!Very peaceful yet moving music, full of passion and feeling. Reminiscent of waterfalls and rain, candlelight and wine, reflections on the water and the moon shining at night. Also great driving music, I highly recommend it for a road trip, or just cruising around town... Thanks John.

Rico Henderson
Beautiful, entrancing music. I love the variety of music - from dreamy to ethereal to exciting and energetic. It's great to listen to for relaxation or creative inspiration. My favorite track is The Vision.

Great songs to relax and think to! One of the best CD's to study to.

Charlie Thompson