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Acoustic Tapestry: Guestbook


July 6, 2016

Love your music, it soothing to the mind, body and soul!!!! Thank you.


March 3, 2015

I hope to see you this Saturday! Have a great time ;)

Barbara Actor

May 5, 2014

Keep us posted on happenings.


August 5, 2012

Hi from Azerbaijan! I have been blessed to know Sean and John since my days at CSU and I'm excited to hear more of their music when I return from the Peace Corps. You're doing great stuff, guys! Keep it up!

Jim Fazio

April 13, 2012

Love the sample track! Look forward to seeing you guys live.

Sandy Edwards-Zickrick

December 9, 2011

You are awesome!
Hope to see you again soon ;)

Jerry A. Johnson

December 9, 2011

Keep up the good work!!

Rick Schneblin

September 2, 2009

Awesome! Although my browser could not figure out what to use to play an m3u. I downloaded it and it played OK in Quicktime.

LeeDelle Kasper (Your Cuz)

March 20, 2009

John....I really ike your music.

Jorie West

December 26, 2008

Hi John~ Wendell and I are looking at your website together. WE are very proud of you!!
Love ya,

Bruce Hallman

December 22, 2007

Leap of Faith is an acoustic guitarist's dream-come-true! I love the songs so much - I have learned them all and play along! What a great CD John! You rock (in an acoustic sort of way)!

Brenda Endicott

December 14, 2007

It's easy to hear why Debbie loves you so much. Tell her Hi from Brenda.


September 9, 2007


It was real nice to set back and hear you
play. I wish I was there at 6:00 but the time
that I was there was very nice to hear you
Your Friend

Wendy English

August 14, 2007

"Leap of Faith" is relaxing and inspiring. Listen to it and you'll never forget the sweet blend of acoustic sounds.

Cheri Baker

November 15, 2006

John Wichman's "Leap of Faith" is an outstanding CD. John shows a musical maturity in his compositions, and his skill as a guitarist shimmers with influences of Acoustic Alchemy and Wind Machine. He is one of the most talented undiscovered musicians I have had the pleasure to hear perform.

Picture: A snowy Colorado night, a blazing fire, sipping a glass of wine. Add "Leap of Faith" on the stereo -- perfection!

Erin Conroy

October 22, 2006

John Wichman's "Leap of Faith" CD really shows John's exceptional talent. This acoustic CD is both soothing to the ears and to the soul.

Christine Leininger

October 21, 2006

John Wichman is amazingly talented as a musician and artist. I've had his Leap of Faith CD since the release and still frequently enjoy listening to this jazz/acoustical masterpiece - surely, this work reflects his love and passion for music. I look forward to the next CD release!!!

Erika Burnett

October 19, 2006

I thoroughly enjoy John's music whether it be on CD or live. Although watching him live is amazing! You can feel the passion and energy behind the music and artist. He is truly gifted and brings out melodies that are uplifting and enchanting. This music puts my heart at peace before bed every night.

Olivia Hutton

October 17, 2006

I have John's CD and have enjoyed his music live as well. The melodies are beautiful and speak to my heart. He makes those strings come alive, and his skill on this instrument brings out the best in acoustic guitar. Thank you John!

Nick Wichman

April 19, 2006

This music is very sweet. Trust me, if you are into instrumental jazz/acoustic music; this will be a treat for your ears.